historische Kanonen und Prunkgeschütze
Foto: Zitadelle Spandau
Testimonies to the military history

The former drill hall houses an exhibition of historic cannons, including 16th-century state guns.
The weapons collection is also a reminder that Spandau was considered Prussia’s armory since
the 18th century.

Not far from the citadel were manufactories, later factories for the production of
guns, cannons and gunpowder. During the First World War, up to 70,000 people worked here in
the armaments industry, but many more after 1935, when the National Socialist government openly
broke the Treaty of Versailles. In addition to the weapons, other military objects such as uniform
parts and regimental flags can be seen in the exhibition.

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Bezirk: Spandau


Am Juliusturm 64
13599 Berlin


Fachbereich Kultur
Am Juliusturm 64
13599 Berlin

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