Berlin – City of Opportunities

Berlin is a city-state and one of the federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany. As such, it has the responsibilities of both a state government and a local government. This dual role is reflected not only in the administrative structure but also in the diversity of professions in Berlin’s administration: apart from the Senate Departments (ministries), the Senate Chancellery, and the twelve boroughs, the administration consists of a large number of subordinate state authorities with a variety of specialized functions. More than 113,000 employees work in Berlin’s administration and keep the city running, including 16,500 police officers, 5,300 firefighters, 20,500 general administrative staff, 28,400 teachers, 8,100 prison officers, 6,200 tax administration officials, and 485 staff in the medical service. They are all part of a complex system and ensure Berlin’s success as a capital.

With more than 140 professions and fields of activity, Berlin’s administration offers an extensive range of attractive entry and career opportunities. There is a suitable job for nearly everyone who is interested – whether for high school graduates, university graduates, or active professionals. Berlin faces the challenge of creating or filling more than 30,000 positions in the state administration by 2021 alone. This is due to the general age structure of Berlin’s administration and to the city’s continuous growth. Suitable professionals are in demand across all fields of Berlin’s administration. There is a lack particularly of engineers, medical and psychological professionals, and IT experts. This is why skilled professionals, especially with an international background, are welcome here. Berlin’s administration is convinced that highly qualified employees who have a migrant background are an asset to the city’s public service. Of course, the ability to speak German is an essential condition for working for the city’s public authorities.

As a public employer, Berlin’s administration not only offers appropriate salaries but also supports a flexible balance between work and family life. In addition, we give our employees the opportunity for continuous advancement, for instance, by taking part in the comprehensive training and continuing education programs of the state-owned Verwaltungsakademie Berlin (Berlin’s college of administration).