Retrofitting state-owned vehicles

E-Autos der Berliner Wasserbetriebe
Image: Berliner Wasserbetriebe

The Berlin Senate not only wants to regulate, but also set a good example to make the air in the city cleaner. The state-owned BVG or BSR vehicles are at the focus for this.

City buses are on the road a lot and can cause a tenth to a quarter of the nitrous oxide pollution in some streets. Older BVG buses will be equipped by the end of 2019 to make sure that they comply with the limits with a good margin. The pollutant emission can be reduced by up to 85 percent.

E-buses do not emit any exhaust at all on site. They are clearly superior to diesel-operated ones, and less noisy to boot. Therefore, all BVG buses will be gradually replaced with E-buses. The process is to be complete by 2030.

Retrofitting of the large municipal vehicles, in particular garbage vehicles, with nitrous oxide filters is underway as well. This project is driven with high priority.