Air purity plan

Tempo 30
Image: SenUVK

High air quality is essential for the citizens’ health. How to achieve it is stipulated in the air purity plan of the State of Berlin. It is revised in light of the debate on nitrous oxides.

Reduction of nitrous oxides in the air purity plan

Nitrous oxide values must be reduced on 117 street sections in Berlin to protect health, as the administrative court Berlin decided in October 2018. The air purity plan to be passed defined measures for this, among others. The air purity plan rests on four pillars in order to comply with the limits for nitrogen dioxide in outdoor air throughout Berlin:
  1. city buses and municipal vehicles are to be retrofitted and replaced,
  2. parking area management in the inner city is to be expanded,
  3. some additional 30 km/h speed limit zones are to be introduced,
  4. few driving prohibitions for diesel passenger cars and trucks up to Euro standard 5 are to be imposed.

This air purity plan is decided by the Senate after public involvement. The measures taken can be found on this website.

For more on the updates of the air purity plan, its content and the next steps can be found here on the main website of the Senate administration for environment, traffic and climate protection.