Improving air quality in Berlin

Berlin, Wolken, blauer Himmel
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The federal state of Berlin is working through the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection on numerous measures to improve air quality. The most important tool in this is the Clean Air Plan, which is currently being reworked. During recent years, the city has intensified its efforts, particularly to reduce pollution from nitrogen dioxide. However, the technology installed in diesel cars remains of key importance to achieving improvements in air quality.

Strengthening ecomobility

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Ecomobility, i.e. buses, trains, trams, cycling and walking, represents an opportunity to reduce the amount of cars on the road. More information

Promoting e-mobility

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E-mobility is of decisive importance to emission-free mobility and clean air. More information

30 km/h speed limit

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A 30 km/h speed limit on sections of road with high volumes of traffic can lead to an improvement in air quality. More information

Federal Council Initiative on Retrofits

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Berlin is campaigning at central government level for a retrofit of diesel cars. More information

Air purity plan

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High air quality is essential for the citizens' health. How to achieve it is stipulated in the air purity plan of the State of Berlin. It is revised in light of the debate on nitrous oxides. More information

Parking area management

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About 40 percent of the inner-city area uses parking area management today. This is to be increased to 75 percent by 2020 in a first step. More information

Retrofitting state-owned vehicles

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The Berlin Senate not only wants to regulate, but also set a good example to make the air in the city cleaner. More information