Judgement on driving restrictions

The administrative court Berlin ruled in the proceedings of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) vs. the State of Berlin on 9 October 2018 that the limits for nitrous oxides were to be complied with. According to this, the State of Berlin is obligated to compile a plan to keep the air clean by 31 March 2019. The State of Berlin is to introduce driving prohibitions for some street sections where the limits for nitrous oxides are greatly exceeded. The court did not impose a zone-related driving prohibition. The court also considered the measures already taken by the senate administration for the environment, traffic and climate protection.

What does the ruling of the administrative court mean for Berlin?

The court confirmed the efforts of the Berlin Senate: The Senate measures for clean air made large-scale driving prohibitions unnecessary. At the same time, route-specific driving prohibitions are permitted to protect health if other measures will not ensure compliance with the limits and thus the improvement of the air quality. All in all, the course of the Berlin Senate towards an environmentally compatible and sustainable mobility policy is supported.

What role will the speed limit 30 km/h play in future?

The court accepted the introduction of a speed limit of 30 km/h on strongly polluted routes to be an effective measure. It helps protect human health and can avoid some driving prohibitions.