Aktion Haupstadtluft

Campaign for Air Quality in the Capital

Protecting health by reducing pollution

Clean air is important to human health. For this reason, the federal state of Berlin is committed to reducing nitrous gases.

The Campaign for Air Quality in the Capital provides information about air quality, problematic pollutants and measures for cleaner air.

Public Participation

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Currently the second update of the new clean air plan for Berlin is being drawn up. From 15th April to 17th May 2019, it was possible for you to view the draft and to submit a written statement.

Air quality measuring network

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In Berlin’s air quality measuring network, BLUME for short, there are 16 measuring stations where air quality is monitored regularly.

Air purity plan

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The new air purity plan is intended to achieve a sustainable improvement in air quality in Berlin and, in particular, to help the city to stay within the limit values for nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

Air quality

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How good is Berlin’s air quality? Find out more about nitrous gas pollution.

Improving air quality

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The federal state of Berlin has intensified its efforts to improve air quality.

Driving restrictions

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Driving restrictions are prevalent in public debate. Therefore, we would like to place this measure in an overall context and explain the background.