Step by step to the declaration

As part of the reappraisal, all property owners of property in Berlin must submit an electronic tax declaration to determine the property tax value, e.g. via “Mein ELSTER”.

Use the online tax platform “Mein ELSTER” to submit tax declarations safely, easily and free of charge.

Step 1 – Access to "Mein ELSTER"

If you are already registered on “Mein ELSTER”, there is nothing more for you to do for now.

Create account

If you are not yet registered on “Mein ELSTER”, you can register now and create an account.

For security reasons, the registration consists of three steps and takes approx. 10 working days.

Use account of close relatives

If you are unable to submit the declaration electronically, your relatives as defined in § 15 General Tax Code can do this. They can use their own “Mein ELSTER” registration to submit your tax declaration.

Step 2 – Access form via "Mein ELSTER"

The declaration to determine the property tax value must generally be submitted electronically, e.g. via “Mein ELSTER”. The forms to determine the property tax value will be made available there from 1 July 2022

Step 3 – Complete and submit declaration

You will e.g. need the following information:

  • tax ID
  • location of the property (street and house number)
  • land register excerpt number
  • plot number etc.

You can e.g. find the required information for your property in the following documents:

  • declaration of division, if applicable
  • land register excerpt
  • purchase agreement
  • standard value and property tax notification
  • operating costs statement, if applicable

Please follow the input information on “Mein ELSTER”.

Instructions for ELSTER Online

  • Instructions for ELSTER Online - Apartment

    These instructions give an example of how to submit an electronic tax declaration to determine the property tax value for apartments.
    (In German language)


  • Instructions for ELSTER Online - Single family dwellings

    These instructions give an example of how to submit an electronic tax declaration to determine the property tax value for Single family dwellings.
    (In German language)


Property tax reform declaration in "Mein ELSTER"

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Who can help you to submit the tax declaration?

Please note that only specific professions are permitted to provide tax advice and draw up tax returns for third parties, e.g.:

  • tax advisors
  • property managers

Property managers, as managers of third-party assets, are permitted to support you in this matter in relation to said assets. Since property managers have access to a lot of data, they are able to make information available to the owners when needed.

Wage tax assistance organisations are not permitted to give you advice in this matter. However, the members of a wage tax assistance organisation may use the organisation’s equipment to submit their electronic declaration via the advisory body’s “Mein ELSTER” certificate.

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Property tax reform procedure

After the tax office receives your declaration, it will confirm the property tax value as of 01/01/2022 with a notification. This value will then be used to calculate property tax for the first time from 2025. Until the end of 2024, property tax will still be calculated based on the standard value. Property tax reform procedure