Traffic Map

Traffic map: The real-time traffic map of Berlin gives you live updates on the situation on the roads and where you should expect delays, traffic jams, or closures on the main road network. The traffic data are provided by the VIZ Berlin network which includes more than 1,000 measuring points on roads and motorways in Berlin. The measuring points record the number and speed of all cars passing by and transmit these data to the VIZ headquarters. The travel time information is provided by the company TomTom with data sourced from the cars' navigation systems.

Traffic Map

The real-time traffic map of Berlin shows where traffic flows smoothly (green), where you should expect delays (yellow), traffic jams (red), or road closures (black) on the main road network. Click on "Layer" to open a menu where you can select additional information such as construction sites, S- and U-Bahn stations, parking lots, or bus stops.

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