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The Hills Are Alive

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The Hills Are Alive

by and with Nikolaus Habjan and Neville Tranter

"I will build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me", Donald Trump promised in 2016. This maliciously humorous and subtly entertaining puppet show shows what walls do to people and how borders can dehumanize us.

"I will build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me," promised Donald Trump in 2016 during his campaign for the US presidency. Years later, the time has finally come. The wall is built - but unfortunately by mistake right through Max and Maria von Trüb's garden.

The elderly couple, who once immigrated to the USA from Austria with their many children to escape the Nazis, don't find this at all amusing, reflect on their roots and want to return to their old homeland. Where the notoriously persistent European bureaucracy keeps the elderly couple in a stranglehold when they enter the country and turns the naturalization process into a single ordeal. Ultimately, the von Trübs' last hope rests on their dual-citizen compatriot Arnold Schwarzenegger to come and say: "No problemo!"

About Nikolaus Habjan and Neville Tranter

Australian-born, European-based and internationally renowned puppeteer Neville Tranter has been instrumental in establishing puppetry as a serious art form for adults. He works with life-size folding mouth puppets, which have also become the trademark of his former student Nikolaus Habjan. Habjan is now in demand as a director for opera and drama, as a puppeteer and actor, artistic whistler and presenter throughout the German-speaking world and at the largest theaters.

With this play about the von Trüb family (similarities with a well-known musical family are purely coincidental), the two exceptional artists are fulfilling a long-cherished dream: they are performing together on stage for the first time. With their puppetry and vocal artistry, they breathe life into the characters and show in an equally maliciously humorous and subtly entertaining way what walls can do to people and how borders can dehumanize people.

in English, with German surtitles

Artists/Collaborators: Deutsches Theater Berlin

Runtime: Tue, 16/04/2024 to Wed, 17/04/2024

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