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Fell ganz nass von Tränen (AT)

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Bear. A witness reports

Bär. Ein Zeitzeuge erzählt

Bär. Ein Zeitzeuge erzählt

When a teddy bear is over 100 years old, his eyes have already seen a whole lot. After all, his arms are all covered with patches from giving so many hugs. This teddy bear is named Bärchen. He has already seen very beautiful and very awful moments, for example, when the walls shook because of the bombs. Or when Irene’s grandmother was deported. Bärchen experienced all of that. Up until now, he has just listened, but now he is going to speak for himself. A piece of documentary object theater about persecution during the National Socialist dictatorship and about the intergenerational passing on of traumatic experiences, told from the point of view of a teddy bear. Notes on accessibility: Information about the accessibility of the venue in structural terms can be found here. Workshop For grades 3 to 6, in conjunction with the performance Bear. A witness reports. Following the performance, our theater education team is offering a workshop. It will provide space to deepen the impressions, talk about historical contexts and playful reflect upon the means of expression used in the production. Duration: ca. 60 minutes Registration at: Accompanying material for the production with suggestions for grades 3-4 and 5-6 will be available on our website from the end of May.

Based on a biography from Irene Grumach-Shirun, written by Jill Levenfeld Concept, performance Josephine Hock Direction Hannes Kapsch Concept, scenography, costumes Luise Ehrenwerth Sound Sebastian Schlemminger Puppet design Verena Waldmüller Dramaturgy Tim Sandweg Anti-Semitism-critical counceling Juliette Brungs Concept for accompanying material and workshop Iven Hoppe, Susann Tamoszus The concept for the production was developed as part of the project "Hakara - Encountering Transgenerational Trauma" by AMCHA Deutschland e. V. and was funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

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Zur schönen Aussicht

In einem heruntergekommenen Hotel leben neben dem Direktor Strasser, einem abgedankten Offizier, auch Kellner Max, Chauffeur Karl und Baronin Ada Freifrau von Stetten. Bis auf die Baronin sind allesamt bankrott, gezahlt wird schon lange nicht mehr und... moreabout: Zur schönen Aussicht

Thursday, 27/June/2024 19:30 (1 more date)
Theater RambaZamba
Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
from €21.00

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