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Fireworks of Gymnastics - Hard Beat Tour

Powerful musical beats, which are performed live, meet the touching and rousing performances of unique world-class gymnasts - a modern show full of life.

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    Duo Airskating – Duo Airskating

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    The Red Sox Peppers – The Red Sox Peppers

Experience world class gymnasts, artists and acrobats including Andreas Toba and Marcel Nguyen. Follow the rhythm and discover a world of contrasts! Experience Hard Beat!

Scandinavian Boards
The seven young Scandinavians are fresh and dynamic. On no less than three skidding boards they present breakneck jumps every second, exactly in tune with the beat of their music. The act is completely new, unequalled worldwide and amazed the experts at the Cirque du Demain festival in Paris last year! The reward was a never before awarded special prize!

Andreas Toba and Marcel Nguyen
For many years Andreas Toba and Marcel Nguyen have not only been national gymnasts, but also close friends in private. With the Hard Beat tour Marcel will say a worthy farewell to active gymnastics. But before he finally turns his back on the apparatus, he and his buddy Andreas will once again ignite a real firework on high bar and parallel bars.

Duo Sienna
It's like looking in the mirror. Sina and Vienna reflect each other perfectly and thus create impressive pictures. They create the deepest devotional connection and thus touch the audience emotionally. The two Berlin girls combine strength and elegance at the air ring and the dance pole to create a surprising partner acrobatics full of rousing intensity.

Robert Wicke
His childlike humour invites to laugh. His wit lies in the unexpected, his charming nature appeals and captivates. Robert Wicke will be the comedian of the show. With his inimitable juggling and a very special connection to the audience, the Hanoverian will provide for the warm moments of HARD BEAT.

Duo Angeles
The Cubans Zhenia and José Ángel present unique artistry on roller skates, in which they harmoniously combine spectacular lifting and dancing elements. Their innovative performance has already received several awards at the Circuba Festival 2018 and the Festival Albacete 2019.

Recap: the OPUS Tour 2020
With the OPUS Tour 2020, the fireworks of gymnastics has taken a huge step forward in its development. As big as never before. Their musical concept is a milestone in the history of Europe's most successful gymnastics show and will have a particularly lasting effect on the upcoming tours.

Hard Beat - the continuation of a success story
In the same line-up, the "Red Sox Peppers" will also transform the Hard Beat Tour 2021 into a total work of art. Once again, those responsible will perform the proven balancing act. "There will not only be hard sounds, but also a lot for the heart," Wolfram Wehr-Reinhold is already revealing. Which further milestone in terms of stage technology the team is striving for, however, will remain a secret at this point. One thing is certain: Hard Beat will again tell a musical fairy tale. But until then, once again, a lot of work full of love, creativity and enthusiasm has to be done.

Runtime: Wed, 29/12/2021 to Sat, 29/01/2022

Next date: Feuerwerk der Turnkunst - Hard Beat Tour

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