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The Incredibles - Comedy, Magic and Hypnosis

Magician Ben David and show hypnotist Christo invite you on an exciting journey into the world of fantasy and illusions. As a stage duo, the two artists are simply incredible!

Foto: Matthias Leo

Christo transforms the audience into the stars of the evening and lets them experience things they never thought possible themselves. The magician Ben David combines illusion with lots of comedy in his new and modern magic art.

A magical show at the highest level
Rules of physics and mathematics are completely broken on this evening, because the two incomprehensible things change all realities. With Christo and Ben David you can experience magic, extraordinary and charming entertainment.

Experience two internationally known and award-winning young talents
The two young up-and-coming artists are among the most famous show hypnotists and magicians in Europe. Their breathtaking performance is in this combination unique and unparalleled in Europe. Both artists have received several awards and are well known from radio and television.

Runtime: Mon, 04/01/2021 to Mon, 15/03/2021

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