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Stupid picture

A story of big brothers and little sisters based on the book by Johanna Thydell.

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  • Jörg Metzner
  • Jörg Metzner
  • Jörg Metzner
  • Jörg Metzner
You just have to be mad at the whole world!First Mint paints a stupid picture, then comes stupid brother Max, who can do everything better anyway, and finally the stupid cat tips the vase over so that all the water runs over the picture. It is simply unfair!

Mint would like to be like her big brother, he always has good ideas and paints the most beautiful pictures. Painting is not that easy. Not only are all her pictures painted, she doesn't know what she could paint.But then she has a great idea for her painting: she wants to paint snow! Is that possible?

Under the direction of Daisy Watkiss, who is making her debut at the Atze Musiktheater with this play, Tanja Watoro and Ilja Pletner tell this wonderful story about the big worries of the little ones. The joint release of Mint's anger is a plea for sensitive brother and sister love.

from 3 years, 45 minutes, no break

The show is played in german.

Artists/Collaborators: Emma AdBåge (Buch), Iljá Pletner (Musik), Iljá Pletner (Bühnen- und Kostümbild), Iljá Pletner (Bühnenfassung), Johanna Thydell (Buch), Daisy Watkiss (Regie), Tanja Watoro (Bühnenfassung), Tanja Watoro (Bühnen- und Kostümbild), Tanja Watoro (Musik)

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