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Ivushka - Die Russische Weihnachtsrevue

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Ivushka - The Russian Christmas Revue

The colourful and spirited Christmas revue presents about 2 hours of Christmas traditions and customs from Russia during the time of the Tsar.

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  • Ivuskha/Konzertbüro Godehardt Schönherr
  • Ivuskha/Konzertbüro Godehardt Schönherr
  • Ivuskha/Konzertbüro Godehardt Schönherr
  • Ivuskha/Konzertbüro Godehardt Schönherr
  • Ivuskha/Konzertbüro Godehardt Schönherr
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Father Frost, his enchanting granddaughter Snegurotschka, a life-size snowman, the cheerful village life and the turbulent snowball fight ring in the Christmas season in a colourful and rousing way!

A cultural and exciting journey through old Russia begins, with its songs, dances and traditions. The charming narrator Natascha, accompanies the guests through the program in German and Russian.The choir, ballet and orchestra of the Tambov University of Dance and Music under the direction of director Alexander Popovitschev, rehearse wonderful and varied dances, choreographies and songs for the German tours.

They present these with authentic costumes, which are handmade in their own workshops according to original models. Every scene has its own face. The stage is wrapped in a fairytale winter landscape, which invites visitors to dream for two hours.

40 artists and 300 handmade costumes guarantee a breathtaking show
Acrobatic magic moments with Russian passion, bold artistry, enchanting songs, balalaika, dombra, bayan and flutes, flawless body control and truly "high art" in the form of jumping figures and extraordinary choreographies. Outstanding soloists add additional highlights to the whole. Through this unique mix, the audience experiences a breathtaking precision.

Of the spirited performances sparkling with humour, the dance with the chairs and the "Funny Winter Games" are especially worth mentioning. The orchestra revives the epoch of the tsarist era with balalaika and accordion. For this purpose the dancers slip into ever new costumes. Sometimes they appear as capable young people, sometimes as high-spirited couples.

In between, "Father Frost" and his granddaughter "Snegurotschka", a beauty of snow and ice, appear on stage again and again. Even she alone is a feast for the eyes. As a highlight, a cheerful oversized snowman enters the stage and conquers the hearts in no time. Immediately, a turbulent snowball fight keeps the whole village in joyful turmoil.

Come along on a journey to wintry Russia
The ensemble Ivushka from Tambov proves to be an enchanting ambassador of the customs and traditions of old Russia. Be it the orchestra playing on original Russian instruments, whose virtuoso mastery of several instruments produces a variety of sounds ranging from the most delicate atmospheric magic to brilliant folkloric fireworks, or the brilliantly choreographed choral and dance scenes.

And when the master choir sings the German Christmas song "Silent Night, Holy Night", Christmas cannot be far away. Fairytale, racy and acrobatic - the ensemble Ivushka, as the perfect cultural ambassador for Russia, knows how to enchant and inspire an audience.

The Ensemble Ivushka has been inspiring audiences since 1994
This summer Ivushka was the only Russian ensemble to take part as a cultural ambassador at the Unesco festival "Dance and Music of the World" in Europe. Here, the best artists and ensembles from 10 countries were allowed to present themselves from all over the world! Performances in Spain and France were completed with great success. Since 1994, the artists have been delighting the audience in German theatres and concert halls every year. A success story that has been worked hard to achieve and demands continuous top performances from the artists.

Artists/Collaborators: Die russische Weihnachtsrevue Ivushka

Runtime: Sun, 27/11/2022 to Mon, 26/12/2022

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