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Blue Man Group

Show cancelled until december 2020

The three bald-headed Blue Men take the audience along on a journey that is at once entertaining, comical, exciting, and musically unique.

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The unusual show has won the hearts of millions worldwide, with performances in New York, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. It is the only live show in Berlin where even non-German speakers can have a great time, because it relies very little on spoken language. The Blue Men communicate through gestures, eye contact, and music. All German elements in the show have been translated into English.

Daily performances except Mondays

Runtime: Fri, 01/01/2021 to Tue, 05/03/2030

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Reiner Kröhnert - Getwittercloud | Mehringhoftheater Berlin

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Reiner Kröhnert - Getwittercloud
Thursday, 03/September/2020 20:00
Die Wühlmäuse
Pommernallee 2-4, 14052 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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