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Museum für Kommunikation


Price: €6.00 Reduced price: €3.00 more

Installation Nimm Platz – Installation Nimm Platz
Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss, Foto: Alexander Schippel


When, where, why and how do we sit? How do we express conventions, status or gestures of welcome? And who actually takes which place in groups and societies? Have a seat! An exhibition for children offers our youngest visitors aged three to ten – and... more

Skeme, Bronx, NYC, 1982 – Skeme, Bronx, NYC, 1982 © Martha Cooper
© Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures

Combining photographs and personal artifacts, "Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures" traces her life from her first camera in nursery school in 1946 to her reputation today as a world-renowned photographer. The retrospective presents the photographer’s versatile... more

Ausstellungsraum "Das Sonnensystem"
SDTB/Frank-Michael Arndt 2005

Das Sonnensystem

Price: €2.50 Reduced price: €3.00 more

Christian Daniel Rauch, Narziss, 1831, Gips
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / Andres Kilger

Ideal and Form. Sculptures of the 19th Century from the Collection of the National Gallery

The exhibition "Ideal and Form" traces the lines of development of the long 19th century into modernity with sculptures and sculptures from the Schinkel period to the Empire and invites visitors to rediscover the Berlin school of sculpture, which was... more

Die Skulpturen „Tag“ und „Nacht“ des Bildhauers Ludwig Brunow (1843-1913) befanden sich einst über dem Haupteingang des Anhalter Bahnhofs. Heute begrüßen die restaurierten Galvanoplastiken die Besucherinnen und Besucher am Eingang zu den Lokschuppen. – Zwei große, grün angelaufene Bronze Figuren stehen links und rechts vor den gelben Backsteinsäulen der historischen Lokschuppen. Zwischen Ihnen steht eine schwarze Lokomotive.
SDTB / C. Kirchner

Rail Transport

Railroads perfectly embody the inextricable link between the history of technology and the history of everyday life. In its exhibition “Trains, Locomotives, and People,” the Deutsches Technikmuseum focuses on the history of important rail vehicles and... more

Blick in die Ausstellung – Blick in die Ausstellung © Hanf Museum
© Hanf Museum

Alles rund um die Kulturpflanze Hanf

Price info: Free entry for children till 10 years Price: €6.00 Reduced price: €4.00 Reduced price info: Reduced fee Berlinpass and Welcomecard owners, students etc pp. School groups 3€ per Person. Guided tour: 15€ more

Ausflug zum Belvedere
Aus Privatbesitz

"Zwischen Gartenlaube und Russenmagazin. Alltag am Potsdamer Pfingstberg 1945-1994"

Price: €6.00 Reduced price: €4.50 more

Zanele Muholi Bona, Charlottesville, 2015 – 800 × 503 mmFotografie, Gelatinesilberdruck auf Papier
© Zanele Muholi Erworben mit Mitteln des Africa Acquisitions Committee 2017

Zanele Muholi

Zanele Muholi self-identifies as a visual activist and has been documenting the life of Black LGBTQIA+ communities since the early 2000s in intimate and powerful photographs across South Africa and beyond. From 26 November 2021 to 13 March 2022, the Gropius... more

Stephan Erfurt, From the series Highway No 1, California, 1988
© Stephan Erfurt

Stephan Erfurt

Parallel to the exhibition "America 1970s/80s" with works by Evelyn Hofer, Sheila Metzner, Joel Meyerowitz and Helmut Newton, the Helmut Newton Foundation is showing over 50 photographs by Stephan Erfurt in the project space, taken in the 1980s between... more

Burnt Hole Sun VIII, 2016 . Courtesy Galerie Crone Berlin/Wien © Peter Miller . VG-Bildkunst, Bonn 2021
Burnt Hole Sun VIII, 2016 . Courtesy Galerie Crone Berlin/Wien © Peter Miller . VG-Bildkunst, Bonn 2021

Peter Miller . Dear Photography

From a cloud of green light there emerge flickering yellow spheres. Are we witnessing planets taking shape? Or a spectacular display of the northern lights? Neither. These are the bioluminescent traces of fireflies lighting up as they traverse the surface... more

Lucas Cranach der Ältere, Lukretia, um 1535 – Lucas Cranach der Ältere, Lukretia, um 1535 © SPSG / Foto: Jörg P. Anders
© SPSG / Foto: Jörg P. Anders

Cranach in Grunewald

Grunewald Hunting Lodge’s collection of Cranach paintings comprises nearly thirty works by Lucas Cranach the Elder, Lucas Cranach the Younger, and their workshop, including outstanding masterpieces conveying a striking impression of the rulers and artistic... more

Die [Probe]Räume verknüpfen die historische Stadt mit der Gegenwart
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Foto: Sandra Weller


What is a museum, actually? Who decides what goes on display? What do the exhibits tell us? And how does a museum relate to me? The newly-designed [Test]Spaces at the Märkisches Museum set out to examine these questions. We've chosen two themes for this... more

„Elektropolis Berlin“ zeigt den Aufbruch ins Kommunikationszeitalter. – Eine Ansicht der Ausstellung Nachrichtentechnik. Mehrere Glas-Vitrinen zeigen Radios, in der Mitte steht ein Modell des Vox Hauses.
SDTB / C. Kirchner


Visit the “Elektropolis Berlin” exhibition and discover pioneering objects from the history of telecommunications. Radios, telephones and televisionT transformed human life in the 19th and 20th centuries, fulfilling the age-old human desire for boundless... more

© AlliiertenMuseum / Chodan

How Enemies Became Friends

The history of the Western powers in Berlin is full of suspense and drama. It begins with the American, British, and French occupying troops marching into Berlin in 1945 and ends with the Allies’ ceremonial withdrawal in 1994. more

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