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Henriette Grahnert Abstrakt in Disko

The Leipzig painter Henriette Grahnert (*1977 in Dresden) moves brilliantly between, in and above the visual coordinate systems of a post-postmodern image culture. Her painterly compositions – which sometimes seem like collages at first glance – are fed... more

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Poster Art of the Belle Époque

At the end of the 19th century advertising became an art form: well-known artists designed posters in Paris for dance halls and theaters, for magazines, or for luxury goods like bicycles or cocoa. In cooperation with the Institut für Kulturaustausch in... more

City History Museum Spandau

The City History Museum Spandau is located in the Arsenal. The permanent exhibition on the ground floor gives you an overview of the history of Spandau. More than 300 items describe the settlement and development of this city on the river Havel, which... more

Richard Wagner und das deutsche Gefühl

Price: €8.00 Reduced price: €4.00 more


In the fifth part of the series KREISE ZIEHEN (Drawing Circles), the urban-rural interweavings of city and countryside are addressed. Culture, politics, and academia have long treated urban and rural as clearly separate opposites. This focus on differences... more

Counter gravity

A pioneer of experimental architectural and narrative film: since his early work on the analysis of filmic movement formations in the 1970s, Heinz Emigholz has developed a unique filmic formal language. With this he explores the relationship between film... more

'Understudies: I, Myself Will Exhibit Nothing'

With Latifa al-Zayyat, Geta Brătescu, Moyra Davey, Amit Dutta, Haris Epaminonda & Daniel Gustav Cramer, Iman Issa, Paul Neagu, Olaf Nicolai, Sergei Parajanov, Mohammad Rabie, Walid Raad, Valeska Soares as well as a loan from Museum Rietberg: Art of the... more

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