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Pankow als Motiv

Max Skladanowsky (1863-1939) hat ein beachtliches fotografisches Werk hinterlassen. Die im Archiv des Museums Pankow befindlichen Aufnahmen sind in den ersten beiden Jahrzehnten des 20. Jahrhunderts entstanden. Sie dokumentieren eine Epoche, in welcher... more

Henriette Grahnert Abstract in Disco

The Leipzig painter Henriette Grahnert (*1977 in Dresden) moves brilliantly between, in and above the visual coordinate systems of a post-postmodern image culture. Her painterly compositions - which sometimes seem like collages at first glance - are fed... more

Toulouse-Lautrec and the poster art of the Belle Époque

At the end of the 19th century, advertising became an art form: in Paris, renowned artists designed posters for dance halls and theatres, for magazines or for luxury goods such as bicycles or cocoa. In cooperation with the Institute for Cultural Exchange... more

City History Museum Spandau

The City History Museum Spandau is located in the Arsenal. The permanent exhibition on the ground floor gives you an overview of the history of Spandau. More than 300 items describe the settlement and development of this city on the river Havel, which... more

digitize! - live science

Live Science in our galleries – from 27th October The museum‘s collection comprises some 30 million objects. This collection will be digitized as an integral part of our Zukunftsplan (Future Plan). In order to achieve this amazing challenge, new technologies... more

Richard Wagner and the German feeling

Richard Wagner experienced and shaped the 19th century in very different positions - as a powerful composer and employed court musician, but also as an author, a revolutionary, an exile, a bankrupt, a protégé of wealthy patrons and a king, a theatre reformer,... more

Counter gravity

A pioneer of experimental architectural and narrative film: Since his early work analyzing cinematic movement formations in the 1970s, Heinz Emigholz has developed a unique formal film language. He uses it to explore the relationship between film time... more

'Understudies: I, Myself Will Exhibit Nothing'

With Latifa al-Zayyat, Geta Brătescu, Moyra Davey, Amit Dutta, Haris Epaminonda & Daniel Gustav Cramer, Iman Issa, Paul Neagu, Olaf Nicolai, Sergei Parajanov, Mohammad Rabie, Walid Raad, Valeska Soares as well as a loan from Museum Rietberg: Art of the... more

Art in construction for Spandau 3 new projects

10.10. – 31.12.2021 Center for Contemporary Art, Lounge Wolfgang-Borchert-School Maria Anwander + Ruben Aubrecht   / Oliver Arendt + Fritz Poppenberg / Olaf Bastigkeit / Daniela Comani / Kerstin Ergenzinger / Thorsten Goldberg / Thomas Henninger /... more

tazkir - Excavations of the present

The Tazkir project focuses on the cultural heritage of the Middle East. Young Berliners with an immigrant background engage in art history and artistic practice with the artifacts that were brought to the Pergamon Museum from the Ottoman Empire during... more

In between 1990. photographs from East Berlin by Nelly Rau-Häring

At the snack bar there is Döner Kebab and coffee from GDR-typical Rationell dishes. Trabbis are parked in the streets and colourful posters advertise West German brands. Restaurants and shops close and a few meters away street vendors offer new goods.... more

Renée Green: 'Inevitable Distances'

Since the late 1980s, Reno Green's multifaceted practice has imagined and expanded ways in which art becomes visible and latent historical narratives, collective memory, and circuits of cultural exchange take shape.   Green's texts, installations, films,... more

Yes, thank you

What led to the Spandau identity? In the field of tension between the Berlin administration / Spandau magistrate and the everyday life of Spandau's residents, the topics of traffic, work, leisure, housing and the military are presented, which were formative... more

I am from Mitte

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the recruitment agreement between Turkey and Germany, women who immigrated from Turkey tell their own immigration stories. The Mitte district hides a large, female immigrant history that is discovered through... more

At the Foundation of Our Democracy

Many of the Berliners who took to the streets on 18 March 1848 for a better life were simple, often young people. Most of them were bitterly poor. Numerous apprentices, craftsmen and workers were there, including some women. They were all united by the... more

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