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Idles have built a growing fan base worldwide over the past few years. The way was paved by high-energy live shows, five EPs and four albums. Each of these aspects is worth a mention for itself.

Their intense live shows thrive on the irony of the members, the lack of fear of contact with themselves and the audience, and the show they deliver with outfits, gestures and play. Their releases include the raw debut "Brutalism," then "Joy As An Act Of Resistance," which helped the band leap further into British consciousness and paved the way for the colossal "Ultra Mono," the band's first British number one album. And then, of course, "Crawler" with its intense urgency, this new sound and the more melodic and introspective songs, which earned the band their first Grammy Award nomination. Currently they are working on new material that will build on their previous successes. Even though it has been mentioned many times, it is still important: they do not want to be understood as a punk band. In fact, a simple pigeonholing does not do justice to this band. In their discography, the quintet from Bristol has shown its musical and personal development constantly growing. By giving their biographies a place and the resulting pain, the band, with vocalist Joe Talbot, has given themselves the space to grow, heal and evolve.

Idles are a political band, connecting their personal experiences to the state of an entire country. A documentary about them is tracking down the members to find out where this band that is shaking up the music world is coming from. "Don't Go Gentle: A Film About Idles" is definitely worth watching. Filmmaker Mark Archer has followed the band since its inception in 2009, interviewing the members, their fans and their companions. In March, Idles will come to us on tour - for those who haven't seen them live yet, the chance to be literally swept away by their performances. Those who have already seen them know what's coming - and will be there.

Runtime: Tue, 12/03/2024 to Sat, 23/03/2024

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