Il Teorema di Pasolini

In his 1968 film "Teorema", Pasolini formulated a radical reckoning with the bourgeoisie: the upper-middle-class family at the centre of the work is held together only by conventions, and the erotic seductive power of a stranger alone is enough to break apart this ossified system.

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  • Il Teorema di Pasolini – Stan Hema
    Stan Hema

    Il Teorema di Pasolini – Stan Hema

  • Il Teorema di Pasolini – Stan Hema
    Stan Hema

    Il Teorema di Pasolini – Stan Hema

  • Il Teorema di Pasolini – Stan Hema
    Stan Hema

    Il Teorema di Pasolini – Stan Hema

Battistelli has been fascinated by "Teorema" ever since he first set the material to music for the Munich Biennale in 1992 at Henze's suggestion, at that time as a chamber opera with silent actors. Now, 30 years later, Battistelli is shaping the Pasolini original as a grand opera ...

Conductor: Daniel Cohen; Director: Dead Centre; With Barbara Frittoli, Davide Damiani, Monica Bacelli, Samuel Dale Johnson, Meechot Marrero, Andrei Danilov

With his 1968 film »Teorema«, also released as a novel, Pier Paolo Pasolini articulated his radical reckoning with the bourgeoisie. The film and the book revolve around an upper-class family that is prevented from falling apart only by conventions. Despite this weakness, only the erotic charisma of a stranger proves able to bring this fossilised system to its knees. This makes »Teorema« the most compelling expression of Pasolini’s underpinning theory that social change and the sexual emancipation of the individual are linked – even if the »sexual awakenings« experienced by family members trigger a variety of reactions.

Composer Giorgio Battistelli, one of the most important living Italian composers, with operas such as RICHARD III and most recently GIULIO CESARE to his name, has been fascinated by »Teorema« ever since 1992, the year that he first set the source material to music, as a chamber opera with mute actors, for the Munich Biennale, at the suggestion of his mentor Hans Werner Henze. Now, thirty years later, Battistelli has rendered Pasolini’s »Teorema« in full-blown operatic form.

With IL TEOREMA DI PASOLINI the Irish collective Dead Centre makes its debut in Berlin. The directorial team has long made an international name for itself in staged works of drama, which have been performed at venues such as the Wiener Burgtheater. Following on from their production of Olga Neuwirth’s BÄHLAMMS FEST at the Ruhrtriennale, they now present their second work of opera.

Artists/Collaborators: Giorgio Battistelli (Komposition), Daniel Cohen (Musikalische Leitung), Dead Centre (Inszenierung), Nina Wetzel (Bühne, Kostüme), Sébastien Dupouey (Video), Stephen Dodd (Licht), Jörg Königsdorf (Dramaturgie), Barbara Frittoli (Lucia), Davide Damiani (Paolo), Monica Bacelli (Emilia), Nikolay Borchev (Ospite), Meechot Marrero (Odetta), Andrei Danilov (Pietro), Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Orchester)

Runtime: Fri, 09/06/2023 to Wed, 21/06/2023

In Italian language with German and English surtitles

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