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Das Musical mit den Liedern von Rolf Zuckowsk

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The christmas bakery - The musical for the whole family

Das Musical für die ganze Familie

The musical for the whole family: The Christmas bakery 2020 with the songs of Rolf Zuckowski.

Die Weihnachtsbäckerei – Das Musical für die ganze Familie - Tour 2020

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Die Weihnachtsbäckerei – Das Musical für die ganze Familie - Tour 2020

After the success of the Christmas Bakery Musical 2018 at Hamburg's Tivoli Theatre and the great response to the very first "Die Weihnachtsbäckerei - Das Musical" tour 2019, the story about Jonas, Paul, Emily, dog Muffin and their Christmas adventure 2020 enters the third round. Experience the soul-warming piece live to sing along and dream along and introduce the Christmas season with Rolf Zuckowski's and the most beautiful Christmas songs.

Christmas baking is the perfect experience for the whole family

"Christmas baking is a synonym It stands for a joyful and loving pre-Christmas time with the family. We therefore tell the story of a very normal family in the pre-Christmas period, living in a small village. In this musical we show all facets of the pre-Christmas season - only Christmas Eve we leave out, because our musical is supposed to increase the anticipation of your own Christmas Eve at home." This is how author Hannah Kohl describes the musical, which she created together with Martin Lingnau. In combination with Rolf Zuckowski's unique repertoire and other popular Christmas songs, the result is the perfect experience for the whole family. From very small to very large - everyone feels at home in the Christmas bakery of the three siblings.

The history of Christmas bakery

The story: When the parents of Jonas, Paul and Emily cannot come home because of a snowstorm, the three of them are on their own to start the local Christmas bakery. The grandparents are expected the next morning, so of course there must be enough cookies ready. But the fridge is empty, the recipe has disappeared and there is no money in the house. So the siblings have to think of a lot of things to get to their destination. Together with their dog Muffin, they embark on an adventure where their neighbour Mrs. Schnitzenbacher gets in their way from time to time and surprises them.

The Christmas Bakery - The Musical for the whole family

Rousing music, a lovely story, acrobatics, dance and a lot of heart: "Christmas Baking - The Musical" will spread Christmas spirit all over Germany again in 2020.

Please note, that the show will be played in german.

Artists/Collaborators: Die Weihnachtsbäckerei - Das Musical

Runtime: Sat, 20/11/2021 to Thu, 23/12/2021

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