In "Tarzan", the latest musical highlight of Theater Liberi, the audience experiences a breathtaking jungle adventure together with the title hero.

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Perfectly coordinated original compositions, lots of suspense and a touch of romance provide an entertaining live experience for the whole family!

An unforgettable musical show
Known for its modern family musicals, the Theater Liberi stages a contemporary version of the hundred year old story of Edgar Rice Burrough. The highly trained musical performers bring the characters on stage with a lot of feeling and energy. Dynamic music and choreographies, imaginative costumes and atmospheric lighting effects transport the audience into a colourful jungle world.

Exciting adventures in the jungle
A young family suffers shipwreck and is attacked by wild animals - barely stranded on the African coast. What remains is a small boy who is taken in by the ape lady Kala, alone and orphaned, and raised like her own child. But although Tarzan finds a home with the monkeys and a good friend in the monkey girl Tee, the leader Kerchak still lets him feel, even after years, that he is not really one of them. The feeling that he has yet to find his place in the world becomes even stronger when Tarzan meets humans for the first time. Professor Porter, his curious daughter Jane and the dubious Olivia Clayton are on an expedition to explore the jungle. As time goes by, Tarzan and Jane get closer and closer, but then events turn upside down and Tarzan and his family of monkeys are in great danger.

Please note that the show will be in german.

Runtime: Sat, 22/10/2022 to Sun, 16/04/2023

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