Paradise Lost

Yes, it was paradise… Pan danced through the woods, the mermaids sang in the surf, all the animals played and loved each other.

Thomas Koy

Only man could not do anything. Neither singing, nor dancing, nor playing. And then came the snake…

The triple gift as the fall of man. That is the basic idea of the new musical by Zaufke and Lund. Why the hell does man always have to want to be able to do everything? For that he must then also leave paradise in the direction of the Diaspora.

And for the musical actor, that is the cheap hotel in the province – where they are rehearsing a new musical at the municipal theater.

With a director who believes he is God, with bloody fights between Cain and Abel for the best role, and Moses has right trouble to convince his people to finally leave the self-made slavery.

The parallels between the Old Testament and a contemporary municipal theater production are surprisingly topical. For even if one can argue about whether God exists…directors certainly do!

Our new play is about the fact that one should not confuse the one with the other. Markus Syperek with his heavenly band brings the paradisiacal sounds of Thomas Zaufke to the sound, fig leaves and Co. & designed Ulrike Reinhard, and Bart De Clercq lets this year’s graduates of the study course musical dance powerfully around the golden fight. All this as always exceedingly earthly brought into scene by Peter Lund. Welcome to paradise…

Director: Peter Lund
Composition: Thomas Zaufke
Musical Direction: Markus Syperek / Tobias Bartholmeß
Choreography: Bart de Clercq
Costume & Stage Design: Ulrike Reinhard

Artists/Collaborators: Tobias Blinzler, Adam Demetz, Paul Fruh, Lisa Maria Hörl, Steffen Gerstle, Timothy Leistikow, Manuel Nobis, Isabella Seliger, Annika Steinkamp, Mirjam Wershofen und den Musiker*innen Semjon Barlas, Oliver Busch, Lorraine Buzea, Jo Gehlmann, Jessica Ling, Jan Kaiser, Leonardo von Papp, James Scannell

UdK Berlin Studiengang Musical/Gesang

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