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Kammeroper Köln + Kölner Symphoniker

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My Fair Lady

with the Cologne Chamber Opera and the Cologne Symphony Orchestra

Since the filming of the Broadway classic with Audrey Hepburn, Frederick Loewe's "My Fair Lady" has been one of the most frequently played and most popular stage works of the 20th century.

Rolf Franke/Eventim

Unforgettable evergreens like "I would have danced tonight", "Wouldn't that be beautiful", "In the street you live"," Bring me to the altar on time", "Just wait..." and "It's so green when Spain's flowers bloom" make "My Fair Lady" a real classic.

Is it possible to turn a simple flower girl from the London slums into a lady of high society simply by changing the language? Phonetics professor Henry Higgins is sure of it and makes the bet. Eliza Doolittle from Mayfair becomes his scientific object and he torments the daughter of a garbage collector day and night with abstruse language exercises: "It is so green when Spain's flowers are blooming ...". But can he use it to create a dazzling work of art that can hold its own at the diplomatic ball at the embassy? Or does the confirmed bachelor Higgins notice that Eliza is not a statue made of stone, but a young woman with her own desires and dreams?

In addition to musical and choreographic finesse, the high-calibre production of the Cologne Chamber Opera also takes a look at the ingenious dialogues and the precise guidance of the characters. It is the charming wit of the plot between pointed social romanticism and satirical, biting moral painting, from which situation comedy, conflicts and strong feelings develop.

Artists/Collaborators: Kölner Symphoniker

Runtime: Mon, 24/01/2022 to Mon, 14/03/2022

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Der Musical – Welterfolg mit Orchester MY FAIR LADY Die Kammeroper-Köln in Bestbesetzung + Kölner Symphoniker Seit der Verfilmung des Broadway-Klassikers mit Audrey Hepburn gehört Frederick Loewes Musical „My Fair Lady“ zu den meistgespielten und populärsten... more

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