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Trees and shrubs in Branitz Park - the challenges of preserving Pückler's design

Lecture by Katja Pawlak, Head of Park & Garden Conservation, SFPM

Branitzer Park, Pyramidenebene mit Landpyramide, 2021

Branitzer Park, Pyramidenebene mit Landpyramide, 2021

Prince Pückler had Branitz Park laid out from 1846 and planted more than 100,000 trees and shrubs here. Trees stand in individual groups and as solitary specimens on large meadows, shrubs and trees frame paths and there are avenues and woodland-like groves that characterize the park. In Branitz, you will find spatial images based on Pückler's "allusions to landscape gardening". In order to maintain the design under the challenges of climate change, new approaches are required in addition to tried and tested methods of historic garden conservation. The lecture will focus on the historical design as well as replanting with alternative oak species in Pücklerallee and other plantings.

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Meeting point: Lecture in the Cavalier Wing

Price: €6.00

Reduced price: €4.00

Booking: Bookable from April


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