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To the top of the world

Mirko Schade and Ralf Wittich report on their trip around the world with the Trabant

In 1997, three Köpenickers wanted to show again what the »racing cardboard« is capable of. They made their way through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, China and Nepal to the roof of the world – 20,000 kilometers in 57 days. »Wherever they drove in, there were crowds around the Trabi,« reported the Berlin BZ. »In Tehran, people felt incredulously every inch of cardboard.« The adventurers even reached the Karakoram Highway, which at 4,900 meters is the highest road in the world. On the way back, the ignition electronics failed again and again. So the three world travelers had to take the plane on their way home.
Lecture with pictures:
Mirko Schade, ErknerRalf Wittich, Berlin

Meeting point: Conference Room of the DDR Museum, Sankt Wolfgang-Str. 2, 10178 Berlin

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