Cora Frost / Peter Frost & size 45 - LOVE ME- how wolves can change rivers

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Love Me - how wolves can change rivers

Cora Frost / Peter Frost & size 45

,Cora Frost‘ as Alter Ego Peter Frost will talk about themselves and about men, who made the world a bit better.

Jackie Baier

Forget your Zoo, leave your Banks. We don’t accept your borders.Welcome to an open space. Inside out. Outside in.

Heros we need. Peter Frost might be a macho, but he has got a golden and sensitive heart. He wants to be political and sentimental. In Peter and his band mates burns the fire of pain and passion. They are men and they make music. Only at night. Only sometimes. And only for you. Extremely sad guitar rock. Stickily sweet as a sugar cone, hard as life.

The performer, director, author, and ‚KOTTIQUEEN‘ Cora Frost has a close work relationship with puppet theatre company 'Das Helmi', Company La Fleur (Gintersdorfer/Franck E. Yao), Theater Thikwa, and Opera collective Glanz & Krawall. Frost also stages unconventional weird shows between performance, music and acting, e.g. at Schauspiel Graz (Austria) and at Berliner Sophiensæle. On stage Cora performs as singer, in men's roles, and as performance artist - injecting lots of outlandish energy into the moralist institution, reinterpreting the most cemented gender roles. As singer-songwriter and musician Cora Frost tours with various bands, and eludes their selve from any genre; from ecstatic poetic punkrock godot music to amphibious autobahn drama music, Cora paints many musical paths.

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