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KW Production Series 2020: Onyeka Igwe and Lin+Lam

KW Production Series is a new commissioning project, organized in collaboration with the Julia Stoschek Collection and OUTSET Germany_Switzerland. It is dedicated to artists’ moving image works and concentrates on two new productions per year. The project takes inspiration from KW Institute for Contemporary Art’s founding principles as a place for production, critical exchange, and thoughtful collaboration.
Within this ongoing series, KW seeks to identify and serve artists who are at a pivotal moment in their work and career—those who will benefit not only from the financial support and institutional visibility this opportunity provides, but also those who will be able to use KW Production Series to significantly contribute towards the depth and rigor of their artistic practice.______________________________The KW Production Series is curated and produced by Mason Leaver-Yap, KW’s Associate Curator and is made possible with generous support by the Julia Stoschek Collection and OUTSET Germany_Switzerland.

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