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Chamber Music III: Luck, coincidence...?

Motiv: Glück, Zufall – Georg Roither

Motiv: Glück, Zufall – Georg Roither

Games of chance have inspired compositions in a number of ways: as a plot element, as in Stravinsky's "Soldier's Tale", as the basis of the musical texture, as in Josquin des Préz's "Dice Mass", or as a constantly reconstituting element, as in Mozart's "Musical Dice Games", in which the groups of bars to be played are actually thrown out each time. Following on from the new production of PIQUE DAME, the 3rd Tischlereikonzert is dedicated to this playful connection through the centuries from the Renaissance to the present day.

Josquin des Préz [1450 - 1521] from "Missa di dadi"Credo

John Cage [1912 - 1992]Credo in Us [1942]

Witold Lutosławski [1913 - 1994] Epitaph [1979]

Josquin des Préz [1450 - 1521] from "Missa di dadi"Agnus Dei

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1756 - 1791] Musical Dice Games, K.Anh.C.30.01

Iannis Xenakis [1922 - 2001]Rebonds '[1989]

Igor Stravinsky [1882 - 1971] Excerpts from "L'histoire du soldat"Marche RoyalePetit ConcertTrois Danses

Artists/Collaborators: Nathan Giem (Violine), Florian Heidenreich (Kontrabass), Juan Pechuan Ramirez (Oboe), Yijea Han (Englischhorn), Chloé Payot (Englischhorn), Leandra Brehm (Klarinette), Vedat Okulmus (Fagott), Martin Wagemann (Trompete), Thomas Richter (Posaune), Benedikt Leithner (Schlagzeug), Björn Matthiessen (Schlagzeug), Rüdiger Ruppert (Schlagzeug), Lukas Zeuner (Schlagzeug), Elda Laro (Klavier), Kayoko Kobayashi (Klavier), Artur Garbas (Sprecher), Manon Gerhardt (Programmgestaltung), Isabella Homann (Programmgestaltung), Magdalena Makowska (Programmgestaltung), Margarethe Niebuhr (Programmgestaltung)

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