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Dance Workshops - DNA Art Club

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be spoken words to express your feelings: to yourself, to others, to the world.
And thanks to the heaven and above there’s a word that can describe telling stories while staying silent:

Maybe it even feels like there isn’t any other way to release your inner self, and that’s okay. We´ve all been there at some point and since movement doesn’t stop with our bodies, we’ve created a space for you to start a movement in your mind beyond sexuality, ethnicity, origin, religion, physical looks, competition, or the feeling of not being enough.
And sharing passion is where our movement starts.

For that, the DNA. Dance Crew is more than happy to open our doors every Saturday for you to expand your skills, learn new moves, get to know various dance styles and most importantly: having fun.Weekly changing workshops starting at 12-2 pm (depending on the workshop itself) - for dancers of all kinds (your living room counts) - will wait for you to be explored and enjoyed.

But since we don’t want you to leave right away after just getting to know you, we’ll have an open ‘dancer’s hang out’, working on the skills you just learned, while connecting and enjoying each other’s company till 4 pm.
Sign up for your workshop of choice and save your spot on our participants list, so we can already look forward to meeting you soon.

What do you need:
- Shoes to dance
- Something to drink

- All levels

Runtime: Sat, 18/05/2024 to Sat, 27/07/2024


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