Children's book reading "Abracadabra" by Marta Comín with workshop

"Abracadabra" - this book is a suitcase. A magic suitcase! Daniel got it from his uncle for his birthday. If you flip through the pages, a few pieces of sugar turn into flying birds in the blink of an eye, and flowers grow out of blocks. Spanish book artist Marta Comín can really work her magic. In clear, graphic forms, she hides amazing images that only become visible through the holes and cutouts on the next page. As in the exhibition "Escribir todos sus nombres", our visual habits are turned upside down with minimalist means. In an interactive reading, you can immerse yourself in Marta Comín's picture games and become a magician yourself in the subsequent workshop.

In cooperation with the bookstore Krumulus Translated with DeepL

Meeting point: Studio

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