In the Labyrinth of Books

One of the Friedrichstadt-Palast's most successful shows is coming back.280 young artists will be back on the huge theatre stage.

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  • Nady El-Tounsy
  • Nady El-Tounsy
  • Nady El-Tounsy
  • Nady El-Tounsy
  • Kathleen Springer
  • Nady El-Tounsy
  • Nady El-Tounsy
  • Nady El-Tounsy
  • Im Labyrinth der Bücher

    Im Labyrinth der Bücher

The play "In the Labyrinth of Books" had its world premiere on 17 November 2019, delighting almost 90,000 mostly young guests until 31 January 2020.

Fantastic worlds and books about books
Imagine flying on the wings of your imagination to Robin Hood in his dark forest. You land with Robinson Crusoe on a desert island and float away to the Three Musketeers in old Paris. How do you do that? We need apple tea, the scatterbrained fairy Appelina, lots of books and Lea, Jule and Ben, whom we remember from the last Young Show 'Playing with Time'. This time they don't shake their way through time with a defective game console, but go on fantasy journeys with their new classmate Mayla - by reading books.

As Ben is dyslexic, he has to rely on the reading skills of his friends to find his way out of the stories. When they lose each other in Snow White and an unfortunately really super-evil queen, the chaos is perfect. Will they find Ben again in the labyrinth of books and stories and get back home safely?

Children play for children
The Young Shows of the young ensemble are something special and unique in these dimensions: children play for children from the age of 5. In every performance, more than 100 children and young people are on the largest theatre stage in the world. They take on all the roles, including the leads.

The show lasts approx. 90 min, there is no break.

Recommended minimum age: five years. No admission for children under three years.

Trailer: Im Labyrinth der Bücher

Runtime: Thu, 26/01/2023 to Fri, 27/01/2023

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