The Best of Black Gospel

Mission Hope Tour

This choir unites a selection of the best gospel singers from the USA: The sensational gospel forrmation will come to Germany again in 2022 with its Mission Hope Tour.

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The exceptional artists sing the most famous and beautiful gospel songs in a two-hour program, accompanied instrumentally. You will hear world-famous titles such as: "Oh Happy Day", "Joshua fit the Battle", "Down by the Riverside", "Walk in Jerusalem", "Amazing Grace", "Go Down Moses", "Oh How I Love Jesus", "Agnus Dei", "This Little Light Of Mine".

This unique choir is an amalgamation of the hottest artists on the US gospel scene. Some members of the choir have already worked with such famous artists as Diana Ross, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder, for example, have been on tour with them, or have participated in their albums. They have also played leading roles in musicals such as "Sister Act" and the gospel musical "Amacing Grace".

Since 1999, the choir has been touring Europe for 2 months at a time. In the meantime, it has become one of the most sought-after gospel choirs in Germany and Europe. Their success is certainly also based on the fact that they know their audience very well and regularly include them in their concerts! With the quality of this choir, every concert is an exceptional concert, where the "Good News" is always in the foreground - 'goosebumps feeling' is guaranteed.

This fantastic choir has already been able to inspire over 1 million concertgoers!

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