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Rev. Gregory M. Kelly & The Best of Harlem Gospel

There is hardly anyone who does not dream of going to New York City once in their life. For all those who have not yet been able to realize this dream, a part of New York simply comes to Germany - and perhaps the most beautiful: Gospel from Harlem.

At concerts of Rev. Gregory M. Kelly & The Best of Harlem Gospel, religion plays as important a role as it does in the lives of the majority of Harlem's population. Here, gospel is not just a musical show-stopper, but part of a mass celebrated wholeheartedly and with terrific voices. The audience becomes a cohesive congregation in which everyone - young or old, Catholic or Protestant, non-denominational or non-believer - is welcome. Because what unites all guests is a love of music and a willingness to engage with it, to hear it, feel it and experience it with all their senses.

The biggest US gospel stars live on stage

Under the direction of Grammy Award winner Reverend Gregory M. Kelly, who has already worked with musical greats such as Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross and has already been awarded a Grammy, a choir has thus been formed whose names of the individual singers read like a Who's Who of the active US gospel scene. A total of nine voices with which the indescribable atmosphere that reigns in every gospel church in Harlem will finally be transported to Germany this coming winter.

Experience a piece of African-American culture in Berlin

Harlem - the neighborhood in New York's Manhattan borough - is still famous for the heyday of African-American culture in the 1920s. Today, Harlem still proudly displays its African American roots, vibrant culture, strong faith and musical rhythm. So it's no wonder that pure joie de vivre, energy and dynamism spill through the rows of chairs during the choir, creating both a rollicking atmosphere and genuine goosebump moments during the more restrained pieces. Because nothing else is the religion lived in Harlem: music and singing on behalf of the Lord.

Traditional gospel songs to ring in Christmas time

The repertoire of the artists includes traditional gospel songs as well as those that belong to the pre-Christmas season - starting with the famous and ever-popular gospel classics ranging from "Oh happy day" and "Amen" to "Whole world in his hands" and "Go, tell it on the mountain" - but will also present lesser-known pieces.

In short: In his approximately two-hour program, Rev. Gregory M. Kelly & The Best of Harlem Gospel offers everything that makes gospel music so unique, so rousing and so moving. Have you become curious? Then spend an evening in New York's multicultural Harlem neighborhood and mingle with the community. Become a part of it and feel the moving effect of gospel music yourself.

Runtime: Tue, 26/12/2023 to Sun, 11/02/2024

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