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Die Schlagernacht des Jahres

We have good news for all first-time partygoers and for all those for whom the Schlagernacht des Jahres has already become a firm fixture in the annual concert calendar - 2024 will be schlagertastic!

  • Stereoact


  • Olaf der Flipper

    Olaf der Flipper

  • Anna-Maria Zimmermann

    Anna-Maria Zimmermann

  • Mike Leon Grosch

    Mike Leon Grosch

  • Sarah Engels

    Sarah Engels

  • Michael Holm

    Michael Holm

  • Eloy De Jong

    Eloy De Jong

  • Mickie Krause

    Mickie Krause

  • Matthias Reim

    Matthias Reim

  • Oli.P


  • Ross Antony

    Ross Antony

  • Michelle


  • Melissa Naschenwe

    Melissa Naschenwe

  • Pia Malo

    Pia Malo

  • Vanessa Mai

    Vanessa Mai

The 2024 "Schlagernacht des Jahres" will feature three big-name surprises, which will be celebrated with letter and seal!

Vanessa Mai & Wolkenfrei will once again be performing live on the pop night stages for all fans. Michael Holm - one of Germany's biggest pop stars - will accompany the "Schlagernacht des Jahres" tour for the first time.

Lucas Cordalis will also be celebrating his Schlagernacht premiere in 2024. The man who was born into music is thus closing a very personal circle: his father Costa Cordalis was already part of the new series of events 25 years ago.

The pop night at the Waldbühne in Berlin will be an open-air highlight
As always, the top-class Schlager line-up varies from city to city. In the first half of the year and at the ultimate Schlagernacht Open Air highlight in Berlin's Waldbühne, these absolute top stars of the industry will be passing the microphone to each other alongside the three top-class "newcomers": Matthias Reim, Michelle, Kerstin Ott, Olaf der Flipper, Mickie Krause, Oli.P, voXXclub, Anna-Maria Zimmermann, Ross Antony, Vincent Gross, Eloy de Jong, Sarah Engels, Mike Leon Grosch and Pia Malo.

Most of them have long been part of the Schlagernacht des Jahres family and are a guarantee for brilliant hits that send happiness hormones coursing through the whole body.

The pop night of the year will be full of emotion and fantastic music
The Schlagernacht des Jahres - Das Original 2024 is all about great emotions and fantastic music, when Germany's biggest arenas are transformed into a sea of flashing Schlager Night crowns and thousands of fans form the biggest Schlager choir with good-mood music and Schlager all-time favorites, rocking German pop songs and the most beautiful Schlager ballads.

As Germany's most popular and successful series of mammoth Schlager events, the Schlager Night of the Year - The Original has been delighting tens of thousands of Schlager fans in the north, east, south and west of the country for 25 years now.

Artists/Collaborators: Andrea Berg, Howard Carpendale, Vanessa Mai, Beatrice Egli, Matthias Reim, Vicky Leandros, Münchner Freiheit, Fantasy, Michelle, voXXclub, Nik P., Mickie Krause, Ben Zucker, Eloy De Jong, Kerstin Ott, Ross Antony, Mitch Keller, Feuerherz, Die Zipfelbuben, Vincent Gross, Sonia Liebing, Olaf Berger

Runtime: Sat, 28/09/2024 to Sat, 04/10/2025

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