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The Irish Folk Festival 2023

The motto of this year's Irish Folk Festival is "50 Years of Living the Dream". The great musicians of the IFF want to celebrate this special anniversary together with their Berlin fans.

  • Briste - IFF 2023

    Briste - IFF 2023

  • Dallahan - IFF 2023

    Dallahan - IFF 2023

  • Cathal Murphy

    Cathal Murphy

When asked how someone is doing, you often hear in Ireland: "Living the dream". It's a positive answer. People are looking forward, have ideals and are in the process of making their dreams a reality. This is exactly the driving force behind the Irish Folk Festival (IFF), which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023.

The anniversary is thanks to great music, tap dancing and singing from Ireland but also to peace in Central Europe. Without peace there is no culture and no tours. We owe peace to the European idea, which wants to unite different nations and cultures. The IFF can proudly claim to have done more for positive coexistence than some political parties. As we currently see how fragile peace is, it is our mission to continue on this path.

The IFF has given a platform to many artists and it has occasionally been a springboard for great careers. A couple of our musicians have even won Grammy awards.

It is a wonderful but sometimes difficult task to maintain a precious asset like the Irish tradition. You can't please everyone all the time. Many trends and genres have come and gone. But the IFF has remained. We owe this to the power of renewal inherent in the "living tradition" that makes it attractive over such a long period of time.

In 2023, we will send the audience on a journey back in time with a multivision, where old legends come back to life. To balance the glorious past nicely, three young fresh program acts will be on stage celebrating their "living the dream" sound of today.

Runtime: Tue, 17/10/2023 to Fri, 24/11/2023

Next date: 50 years of living the dream

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