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Shirin Neshat: The Fury

In her latest video work, Shirin Neshat concentrates on the nuanced complexity of the sexual exploitation of female political prisoners and places her focus in the context of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Throughout her artistic career, the renowned Iranian artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat has repeatedly explored the female body. Her work is a contested space in which themes such as sin, shame, violence, oppression, rebellion, power and protest play a role.

Shirin Neshat at Fotografiska Berlin

The Fury is a sophisticated combination of a dual-channel video installation and a series of black and white photographs with hand-lettered calligraphy of poems by Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad. These nuanced works reflect Neshat's incisive artistic practice, which centres on the female body as both a battleground for ideology and a reservoir of power. Exploring the dynamics between the masculine and the feminine, the individual and the collective, these charged images grapple with issues of power in patriarchal societies.

The artist explains her artistic perspective: "I see everything in terms of duality. Visually and conceptually, everything is based on an idea of opposites". Her works, which are predominantly in black and white, are stylistically influenced by magical realism, surrealism and dreams. Thematically, the stories are all politically charged and offer a poignant mixture of disturbance and emotion, poetry and beauty.

Runtime: Fri, 08/03/2024 to Sun, 09/06/2024

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