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In between 1990. photographs from East Berlin by Nelly Rau-Häring

At the snack bar there is Döner Kebab and coffee from GDR-typical Rationell dishes. Trabbis are parked in the streets and colourful posters advertise West German brands. Restaurants and shops close and a few meters away street vendors offer new goods. The introduction of the Deutschmark on 1 July 1990 promised a new beginning and many people queued up for the new currency. At the same time, in the days leading up to the exchange, many shelves remain empty, as Western goods are supposed to replace Eastern products. Numerous contradictions characterize this phase between the fall of the Wall and reunification

Swiss photographer Nelly Rau-Häring documents the special mood of this interim period in her photos. In 1965, at the age of 18, she moved to West Berlin and began to photograph the divided city in East and West. Even in 1990 she repeatedly travels to East Berlin and captures fleeting street scenes with her 35mm camera. She has a fine feeling for expressive pictures, whose complexity often only becomes visible at second glance. She is interested in people, but her snapshots also provide an insight into contemporary events, which are marked by contrasts

Nelly Rau-Häring's photographs invite us to take a closer look at seemingly ordinary street scenes and thus to trace the atmosphere of this time in between.

Runtime: Wed, 29/09/2021 to Sun, 13/02/2022

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