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SCHILLER - Wanderlust Tour 2024

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Wanderlust Tour 2024

After the tour is before the tour: In 2024, the sound visionary Schiller is back touring through the clubs of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

  • Schiller: Wanderlust

    Schiller: Wanderlust

With the current album Illuminate, Christopher von Deylen aka Schiller now has nine number 1 placements and eleven Top 10 albums. No musician has so far shown so convincingly and successfully that electronic music can sound warm and human. In 2024, Schiller will take to the clubs with a new programme and show us another side of the Schiller universe with Wanderlust.

Christopher von Deylen: "I'm looking forward to energetic evenings in the most beautiful clubs and unforgettable moments with a fantastic audience."

Clubs have that special flair and you experience the fascination of electronic music in a completely different way. With Wanderlust, Schiller takes us on a musical journey spanning 25 years, transporting us once again into Schiller's very own sound cosmos.

Runtime: Tue, 22/10/2024 to Sat, 23/11/2024

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