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Live Summer 2024

The entity Deichkind - what a beautiful puzzle for us! Deichkind - everyone wonders: Are they people or people? Is everything still fresh with them?

Are they maturing or rotting? Are they in danger of drinking themselves dry or are they extremely cuddly, sloppy geniuses? What do they eat, what do they do, who do they rub? And where do they live anyway? Urbanesque or in a nest? On the outskirts of town or on the dog beach? Free or with Willy? Yes, what? Answer: Both are correct. If you want to experience Deichkind in their favourite natural environment, i.e. the thick indoors outdoors: That's possible again in 2024!!!

Runtime: Sat, 20/07/2024 to Sat, 31/08/2024

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Schiller - Sommerlust Open Air 2024

Erlebe einen unvergesslichen Sommer voller Musik, Emotionen und elektronischer Klänge bei den „Sommerlust” Open Air Konzerten 2024 des deutschen Musikvisionärs SCHILLER. Tauche ein in eine Welt der Klanglandschaften, die deine Sinne verzaubern und deine... moreabout: Schiller - Sommerlust Open Air 2024

Next date:
SCHILLER - Sommerlust Open Air 2024
Saturday, 24/August/2024 20:00
Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt - Odertalbühne
Berliner Straße 46, 16303 Schwedt/Oder
from €51.50

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