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Christopher von Deylen: Piano and Electronics

Unique sounds und impressive visuals: Experience Christopher von Deylen as close as never before. Hypnotic-poetic sounds, stirring compositions and arrangements characterize his work.

Christopher von Deylen

Annemone Taake

Christopher von Deylen

For over 20 years Christopher von Deylen has been regarded as a pioneer and style-setter in electronic music. For his exclusive solo club tour 2020, the electronic romantic condenses his sound cosmos to the essentials: Piano and electronics. Two poles between which he moves playfully and passionately. Two poles that he masterfully brings into harmony.

Pure, Simple & Advanced: Christopher von Deylen exclusively on Clubtour 2020
"The clearly defined contours of a single piano note and the deep sound images that can be produced with them are fascinating. In the context of electronic sequences, they create a tension that fills the room with energy," says Christopher von Deylen, who, as SCHILLER, is one of the most successful music producers in Germany. Multiple gold and platinum awards. International wildly celebrated. On the Club Tour 2020, piano and electronics enter into a unique symbiosis with Christopher von Deylen. Pure being, accompanied by images created during extended journeys through the world. Sound pictures. Images of the world. Solo. Live. Seven extraordinary evenings with Christopher von Deylen in the hottest clubs of our republic, among them the "Übel & Gefährlich" in Hamburg and the "Beatpol" in Dresden.

Artists/Collaborators: Schiller

Runtime: Fri, 14/10/2022 to Sat, 22/10/2022

Next date: Christopher von Deylen - Piano und Elektronik

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