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Charlottenburg - a "Hohenzollern Museum?": Contemporary forms of commemoration of the former ruling dynasty

Guided tours offered by the City-West adult education center

Charlottenburg Ausstellung Dynastie

Charlottenburg Ausstellung Dynastie

for over 200 years, Charlottenburg Palace served almost all Prussian rulers and their families as a place of representation or as a private retreat. After the end of the monarchy, it was opened to the general public as a museum palace and was destroyed a few years later in the Second World War. Today, the palace complex, which has been largely reconstructed and is largely furnished with original works of art, conveys an impression of princely representational and residential culture in some rooms. In other areas, a museum presentation in modern exhibition rooms predominates.

Does this design still meet the expectations of a public no longer familiar with court culture? Do local visitors identify with their "castle" or is it merely a tourist attraction on the list of international tourism? These and other questions will be the focus of an unusual tour of discovery through the castle's varied (usage) history.

An event as part of the series "Schöner Wohnen? Charlottenburg Palace. From Hohenzollern residence to museum palace - changes and perspectives" organized by our cooperation partner Volkshochschule City-West with former palace director Rudolf G. Scharmann.Translated with DeepL

Meeting point: Old castle

Price: €12.00

Booking: or 030 9029 28873


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