Schwanensee - International Festival Ballet

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Swan Lake - International Festival Ballet

The International Festival Ballet (formerly St Petersburg Festival Ballet) presents the famous ballet classic full of grace and beauty.

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Artistically, the ensemble stands for the Russian school of classical ballet in its purest form. Strict elegance paired with influences of modernity and the 21st century, that means: dance performance in a class of its own - all this combined with opulent costumes and magnificent stage sets.

Masterpieces of the Classical Ballet Canon
In the summer of 2022, the "International Festival Ballet" will once again present three very special pearls of classical ballet literature: "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Nutcracker". The immortal ballet classics by Peter I. Tchaikovsky are world-famous and continue to enchant people of all ages. Everyone probably knows the romantic "Swan Lake" story about the white and the black swan, which has become synonymous with the elegance of classical ballet at the highest level. Sleeping Beauty's 100-year sleep, from which only the love of a prince can release her, has thrilled audiences for generations. And the ballet fairy tale "The Nutcracker" delivers perfect winter and Christmas magic for the whole family. In the unique performance of the International Festival Ballet, the popular ballets can be experienced in ravishing beauty and perfection.

One of the Best Ballet Companies in the World
Classical ballet has a long tradition in Russia, which is still celebrated today. The country has produced many important prima ballerinas, dancers and choreographers. The renowned Russian ballet schools are known for their great rigor and high standards, the students for their will to perform, their ambition and their enormous talent. The 42 dancers of the International Festival Ballet have also gone through this tough school, whether at the Vaganova Academy of St. Petersburg, the Moscow Academy of Choreography, the Ufa Ballet School or the Perm Ballet Academy. Most of the dancers from the corps de ballet have their artistic home today at the world-famous Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet in Samara. They have all worked at leading ballet theaters in Russia and won numerous prizes at international ballet festivals and competitions. Together they now form in the St. Petersburg Festival Ballet one of the aesthetically and technically best ballet companies not only in Russia, but in the whole world. In addition to the absolutely precise dance technique, the top-class ensemble is characterized by a harmonious, self-contained overall picture and an elegant lightness. The International Festival Ballet shines with a dance performance so perfect that it almost takes the audience's breath away.

Name Change as a Protest against Russian Politics
Shocked and affected by Russia's inhumane war of aggression against Ukraine, the renowned ballet company changes its name and henceforth calls itself "International Festival Ballet". With this change, the artists express their crystal-clear stance. The Festival Ballet is an international ballet that thinks beyond all national borders and stands for global understanding and togetherness in the poetry of art, music and dance. The artists have expressed their attitude against the Russian aggression since the beginning of the war by many protest actions before the respective performances. That is why they are now being threatened from Russia. The ensemble, in which, incidentally, a large number of Ukrainian artists dance, sees itself all the more naturally as a ballet of peace and the cohesion of all people.

Artists/Collaborators: St. Petersburg Festival Ballet

Runtime: Thu, 15/12/2022 to Sat, 18/02/2023

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