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Flying Bach - 10 Year Anniversary Show

Classical music and breakdancing don't go together? The four-time Breakdance world champions Flying Steps prove the opposite in their show Flying Bach together with opera director Christoph Hagel.

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    Flying Bach

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    Flying Bach

In 2010, the Flying Steps made their debut with their most successful crossover show worldwide at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin and have since then been travelling almost non-stop around the globe. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the show they will return to Europe in spring 2020 and guest for 14 shows in Germany and Austria!

An unusual concept for the world-famous dancers

With the premiere of Flying Bach at the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin in 2010, the Flying Steps proved that breakdance can be an excellent medium for interpreting the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. The inspiration for the show came from Vartan Bassil, founder and artistic director of the Flying Steps, after attending a classical concert: "I liked the idea of replacing a break dancer in headspin with a ballerina who does pirouettes on tiptoe," he explains.

At the time, quite a few people feared that this concept would never work. But that didn't stop Vartan from continuing to pursue his goal: "My dream was to develop a full-length breakdance show accompanied by classical music". The idea to use Johann Sebastian Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier" came from opera conductor Christoph Hagel, who works with Bassil as artistic director. Their common idea was that it should be a show that would be more than just "breakdancing to a classical soundtrack". Their idea was to make the music visually experienceable through the dancers and in this way tell the audience a story. "With the combination of urban culture and classical influences, we can show that graffiti and breakdance is so much more," Vartan concludes.

The show highlight combines classical music and modern breakdance artistry

Seven dancers, one teacher. The group trains in the rehearsal room for their big performance. Preludes and fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier" determine the action. Quarrel, struggle, disappointment and joy - the changing moods of the music are reflected in the gestures of the dancers. When a mysterious woman enters the training room, the quarrels reach their climax: breakdance meets contemporary dance, man meets woman, desire meets rejection, arrogance meets curiosity. The elegant music of Bach, interpreted by breakdancing with explosive movements, creates an amazing and entertaining show for all people equally - regardless of age, origin or level of education!

Johann Sebastian Bach's masterpiece "The Well-Tempered Clavier" is reinterpreted

"The well-tempered piano is your daily bread" was recommended by the famous German composer Robert Schumann as early as 1850 in his work "Musikalische Haus- und Lebensregeln" and he called Johann Sebastian Bach's groundbreaking collection of preludes and fugues for a keyboard instrument "the work of all works". For many exceptional musicians, "the well-tempered piano" has since provided the artistic nourishment they need. It is considered one of the most important works in the history of classical music and the most influential polyphonic work.

Breakdance world champions: the Flying Steps from Berlin

The Flying Steps from Berlin are four-time breakdance world champions and an award-winning urban dance company founded in 1993 by Vartan Bassil and Kadir "Amigo" Memis. To date, more than 40 professional dancers belong to the crew. But they don't only create and produce international dance shows: In 2007 they founded their young talent forge, the Flying Steps Academy in the heart of Berlin. With more than 40 teachers and over 100 classes it is the largest urban dance school in Germany.

An international success: Flying Bach conquers the world

To date, the Flying Steps have presented their show Flying Bach in more than 42 countries - from the USA to Kazakhstan, from Australia to Japan and Finland - and have thrilled more than 600,000 spectators. Flying Bach is the world's first breakdance show to be honoured with the Echo Klassik Special Prize (OPUS Klassik since 09/18), the music industry's most important award.

Artists/Collaborators: Flying Steps

Runtime: Fri, 30/09/2022 to Sun, 30/10/2022

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