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Flamenco y Tango Pasión

Flamenco and Tango Argentino united in a fascinating, sensual night.

Thirteen artists from Spain, Argentina and Germany inspire with passion, rhythmic finesse, drama, creativity and elegance. Authentic and very personal, they take their audience on a journey through the two - centuries-old and yet eternally young - arts of flamenco and tango.

Flamenco: Javi Castrillón, Celedonio Garrido, Gilberto Torres, Josel, El Pumuki, Manuel Reina, Blanca Nieves
Tango: Pablo Woiz, Noelia Tomassi, Leonel Gasso, Anna-Maria Huhn, Diego Vassallo, Juliana Aparicio, Santiago Hernández

Runtime: Fri, 14/06/2024 to Fri, 14/06/2024

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