Ballet for Future? We Have to Talk!

The Berlin State Ballet opens up a debate around issues of repertoire, canon and ballet performance practices, questioning its own historic traditions. Wherein lies the value of this art form in the 21st century?


»Ballet for Future? We have to talk!« is an invitation to join our round table; to voice ideas and suggestions that move the audience, dancers, critics, activists and academics alike. During five events, experts will focus on a variety of issues. Held at the invitation of Dr. Christiane Theobald, pressing questions of age/race/religion/ability/class/gender will be discussed, openly and unbiased. What kind of perspectives and spaces are necessary and possible to initiate institutional development and change?

Together with Dr. Mariama Diagne, a dance researcher and professional dancer, moderated by Claudia Henne, dance critic and cultural journalist, the Berlin State Ballet continues the conversation about the future of ballet.

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