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Moka Efti Orchestra feat. Severija

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Moka Efti Orchestra feat. Severija - First Edition 2020

"Zu Asche Zu Staub" and many more hits in the style of the 1920s from the TV hit "Babylon Berlin" with the unique Moka Efti Orchestra and the great Severija.

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  • Foto: © Joachim Gern
  • Moka Efti Orchestra
  • Moka Efti Orchestra
Like a phoenix, the Moka Efti Orchestra has risen to undreamed-of heights in 2018 and 2019. Born from the belly of the internationally successful TV series "Babylon Berlin", the 14-member ensemble, led by the composers Nikko Weidemann and Mario Kamien, as well as arranger and bandleader Sebastian Borkowski, plays to sold-out houses throughout Germany. In Berlin alone 4,000 tickets were sold, in Jena just under 3,000, in the Philharmonie Munich around 2,000.

The Moka Efti Orchestra stands for great evenings and full houses
The orchestra is currently in between its concerts in the studio for the completion of the debut album "First Edition", among others with the artists Severija (who will also perform live) and Moritz Krämer (Die Höchste Eisenbahn). We can be curious!
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Runtime: Fri, 17/09/2021 to Thu, 14/07/2022

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