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Kammermusik des Konzerthausorchesters

mit dem Konzerthaus Quartett Berlin und Elisabeth Leonskaja

Konzerthaus Kammerorchester

Konzerthaus Kammerorchester

Chamber music, the artistic exchange with instrumental partners is both a need and a joy for Elisabeth Leonskaja. Her recordings with the Alban Berg Quartet and the Borodin Quartet are testimony to this. Together with the Konzerthaus Quartett Berlin, she performs Schumann's Piano Quintet. Composed in Leipzig in the autumn of 1842, Schumann in a sense founded the genre for piano and four string instruments with this work and immediately crowned it with a composition that soon served as a model for masters such as Brahms or Dvořák. In the first part of the concert, the violins, viola and cello take a trip to Naples, where Verdi wrote his string quartet in March 1873 - during an unscheduled break from rehearsals for „Aida“ - as a distraction. And on the return journey, they take Hugo Wolf's „Italian Serenade“ from 1887 with them from Vienna: a serenade inspired by the south and love.

Giuseppe Verdi - Streichquartett e-MollHugo Wolf - „Italienische Serenade“ für Streichquartett G-DurPauseRobert Schumann - Klavierquintett Es-Dur op. 44

Artists/Collaborators: Konzerthaus Quartett Berlin, Sayako Kusaka (Violine), Johannes Jahnel (Violine), Amalia Aubert (Viola), Felix Nickel (Violoncello), Elisabeth Leonskaja (Klavier)

Runtime: Thu, 29/02/2024 to Fri, 21/06/2024

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