Ein amerikanischer Abend mit Gustavo Dudamel

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An American Evening with Gustavo Dudamel

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  • Gustavo Dudamel
    Danny Clinch for LA Phil

    Gustavo Dudamel

  • Sergio Tiempo
    Sussie Ahlburg

    Sergio Tiempo

In this programme, Gustavo Dudamel sets out on a musical journey to America that leads from Mexico to Argentina to the US. Gabriela Ortiz’s Téenek. Invenciones de Territorio is a thrilling combination of Mexican folklore and avant-garde sounds. From Alberto Ginastera, on the other hand, we hear a piano concerto with soloist Sergio Tiempo, the percussive, magical tonal language of which earned the composer the nickname the “Argentine Bartók”. In his Second Symphony, Charles Ives created a sonorous synthesis of the European and popular US musical traditions.

Artists/Collaborators: Berliner Philharmoniker, Sergio Tiempo

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